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Space Clearing Kit for General Use



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    • In this box you’ll find all you need to “clear” your space. Elemental Space Clearing is a fusion of techniques combining advanced principles of Feng Shui blended with rituals from the Aborigines of Australia, the Zulu of Africa, Hawaiian Kahunas, the Maori of New Zealand, Tibetan Buddhists and Cherokee Native Americans. When applied, these techniques and principles help the energy in a space to be cleared of any negative residue and raise the vibration of the space being cleared.

      This box contains contains ten items. They include a white sage incense bundle, a palo santo incense stick, turkey feather for circulating incense smoke, singing bowl, rose quartz, selenite, vial of salt, spray bottle, vial of cypress essential oil and detailed instructions on how to make use of these tools to clear a space of negative energy and its residue, while attracting positive energies and raising its vibration overall.