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Luxury & High End Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors are true pieces of art that not only serve their ultimate purpose (allow the room inhabitants to take a good look at themselves), but they also add a touch of glamour to the room they grace. The right full length floor mirror reflects your sensibility and taste, thus serving a far more sophisticated purpose than just being a source of reflection.

Introduction to Floor Mirrors

At the basic level, a floor length mirror serves one purpose alone – it reflects the one looking at it. Observed from this perspective, any mirror will do, right?

Not quite!

With the world rushing towards new approaches (not necessarily always the right ones), even the simplicity of the above-mentioned statement has gotten a whole new dimension. While originally a decorative floor mirror surface was made of glass, nowadays there are also additional options, notably Plexiglass and acryl.

How to Choose Mirrors for your Home?

Keeping that in mind, how does one choose just the right fancy floor mirrors? Obviously, the whole point of Plexiglass and acrylic mirrors is in that they are lighter than glass mirror and they don’t break that easily either.

On the downside, however, these mirrors often show distorted reflections, meaning they don’t always serve their primary purpose.

Hence, glass designer floor mirrors should be a better choice, but do take your unique circumstances into account. If you have a child or lively pets, the chances of it breaking and the participants getting injured increase significantly.

With the technology advancing rapidly, it is only to be expected that mirror-makers have come up with a solution to address that issue. The finest of quality floor mirrors not only have a glass surface, but also a thick glass surface. If you’re choosing a glass mirror, don’t choose anything below one-eighths.

On the downside, these mirrors are heavy to move around, so choosing one and only proper spot for them is crucial.

Decorating Your Home with Decorative Mirrors

On top of serving their original purpose, mirrors also complement the design of the room. How many times have we seen exquisitely decorated cafes complemented by perfect mirrors installed on the right spot?

Also, the usual trick to make a space look bigger and brighter is to install a mirror or two.

In fact, a mirror can make or break the overall design, so you should consider the options carefully. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose the best placement to make the room bigger and brighter

    Alcove mirrors can be a perfect choice to fulfill this purpose as they offer twice the intensity of light compared to a single mirror. Also, a mirrored finish to furniture (notably wardrobes) will make the room look more spacious.

  2. Add a customized glass style for the right atmosphere

    As mentioned above, the usual choice is glass mirrors, but there are different types of glass. A plain glass mirror classis but if you want to create a vintage feel, you may wish to look up antiqued glass.

  3. Go for the Best Reflection Choice

    To fulfill its ultimate purpose, a mirror should be able to show off its full magnificence. This usually translates into choosing a large mirror, proper placement, and framing. Mirrors are often hung from the walls or placed on a mantelpiece to maximize the spaciousness and reflect opposite walls and the ceiling.

  4. Treat Luxury Wall Mirrors as Art Pieces

    When it comes to decoration, as a general rule, you should act as an artist for best results. The same applies to mirror-styling. Take your time choosing the right size, glass, frame, and position and experiment as much as needed until you are fully satisfied. As already mentioned, heavy mirrors are rarely moved, so think through your design.

Different Types of Mirrors

Since mirrors can make a number of optical illusions, it is only natural that they come in different shapes and sizes. There truly is no limit to human creativity in this regard, but the classic ones have nevertheless remained unchanged over time.

Wall mirrors, floor mirror, and over-the-door mirrors remain to this day the three most frequently used options. Mirrored wardrobes have also been gaining popularity steadily, especially in small rooms with limited options.

Mirror Shapes

Once again, there are shapes and shapes of mirrors. Complimented with different types of glass and frames, a properly chosen mirror can truly breathe new life into any space. Traditionally, mirrors come in four shapes (but do research the subject for custom ideas):
  • rectangular
  • round
  • square
  • sunburst

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of the mirror determines additional features, most of which can be customized. It goes without saying that a large and heavy mirror fixed to a wall needs a strong construction to support it. Hooks and mounting features come in various shapes as to fulfill multiple functionalities.

In addition, types of glass have witnessed a true renaissance. In addition to the antiqued glass mentioned above, there is also beveled glass, to name just one option, that can liven up your room just the way you want it to.

When it comes to the length of a full-length mirror, it depends on who is asking. After all, it is only to be expected that not all people are of the same height. In the traditional sense of the word, a mirror that is not at least 48 inches long isn’t considered a full-length mirror. That being said, great many mirrors are actually considerably longer, up to 65 inches.

Typically, the mirror will be hanged at a height that allows you to see your entire body, including the shoes. It is usually elevated ca. 9 inches from the floor, but then again, this is fully customizable.

Much depends on the purpose the mirror is to fulfill, such as providing light and giving the illusion of spaciousness.

Finally, not everyone needs a massive mirror of their own height, but it is recommended that the mirror of your choice be at least 36 inches long.