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High End Floor Lamps

Shop Room Tonic for the finest quality home furnishings including high-end floor lamps that will add warmth and atmosphere to any room in your home. Room Tonic's curated collection of high-end floor lamps are made by top quality brands such as Wildwood and Chelsea House in a variety of fine finishes such as gold leaf, polished nickel, antiqued brass, and much more. Browse our collection of designer floor lamps and enjoy free shipping on most items.

What is a Floor Lamp?

Unique Floor Lamps are superior to other forms of lighting. They enhance the functionality of the area and contribute to added intimacy. They are convenient in that they don’t call for an electrician. All they need is a floor and a power supply outlet.

When it comes to unique standing lamps, the choice of location is the primary step. Because floor lamps complement the overall design and mood of the space they grace, you should consider the optimal spot. Of course, the whole purpose of a floor lamp is to bring light, so you should think about its functionality on top of the room design.

Still, statement floor lamps will give you the opportunity to be as creative as you want while at the same time increasing the functionality of the room. The greatest benefit of floor lamps is that they can be easily moved around, as need be, so you can have a different setting for different situation. For example, you can move your floor lamp closer to the sofa when you’re reading a book and bring it back to its original spot once you’re done for the day.

Where to Place a Modern Floor Lamp?

When it comes to the best spot for a floor lamp, much depends on the room decoration and your own preferences. What is the main purpose of placing the lamp in the room?

E.g., if it’s for reading, you’d best place it close to your favorite reading spot. If it is to bring more light to a dark corner, place it in the corner. Rather than relying on aesthetics, think about functionality first. You can experiment from there.

How to Pick the Right Floor Lamp for Your Room?

When it comes to choosing the best lamp for your room, there are two factors to consider:

  • Functionality
  • Room design

While a beautiful lamp complementing a room will look nice, if it’s dysfunctional, it won’t serve any significant purpose. Remember that floor lamps emanate at eye level to begin with. They also give off a contrasting glow to ceiling lights. Optimally, you’d want your statement floor lamps to compliment the overall lighting design of the room.

Common Forms of Modern Floor Lamps

Most novelty floor lamps range from 4 feet and 6 feet in height. The shorter the lamp is, the more direct light it will provide. That is to say, if you are looking for a lamp to help you light the room for your daily tasks, choose a shorter one.

Taller floor lamps are, as a rule, a good choice for bedrooms and similar as they serve the purpose of enhancing the mood rather than help you perform a task. The optimal height for a bedroom lamp is shoulder height – you don’t want it glaring in your eyes.

If you need your unique standing lamps to fulfill multiple purposes, opt for an adjustable options – a lamp that can be adjusted for both ambient and task lighting.

What to Look For in a Floor Lamp?

Basically, once you’ve decided on the functionality your lamp is to serve, the only remaining factor is – design. Naturally, you don’t want a lamp that sticks out like a sore thumb, so take your time choosing the best design.

In addition, pay attention to the following:

  • Switch types
  • Shade types
  • Bulb types

Go for the switch type you already have installed in the room.

As for the best shade type, the choice depends on the purpose the lamp is to serve and also on your room design. Nowadays there are numerous options to choose from, with the common choices including:

  1. Empire shade – light spreads downwards through the cone-shape brim
  2. Bowl – light spreads downwards through the basin-shaped brim. These lamps are a variant of the empire shade
  3. Drum – light spreads upwards through the cylindrical shape with tall sides and wide rims
  4. Bell – traditional décor with light spreading sideways at the bottom of the lamp’s curved sides
  5. Rectangular – these lamps have two sides that are longer than the others
  6. Square – these lamps have sides of equal size
  7. Novelty – novelty lamp shades cover a range of functionalities and come in different designs, sizes, and shapes. Their main purpose is to attract your attention rather than to help you perform a task, so they are a good choice for ambient lighting

Novelty lamps pretty much cover all possible and impossible shade types that may come to mind.

Lastly, the choice of a proper bulb type will make certain that your luxury floor lamps will fulfill their purpose. There are many bulb types available, with the most popular choices including:

  • Incandescent – the most commonly used bulb type, and also the cheapest. These bulbs last up to a year and can be used with dimmers
  • LED – this bulb type is energy-efficient and it doesn’t give off any heat. It emits bright light
  • Halogen – these bulbs emit white light mirroring daylight. They are energy-efficient and can be used with dimmers
  • CFL (compact fluorescent) – this bulb type is energy-efficient and emits a range of colors. Note that these bulbs usually take some time to warm up and get brighter as they do

Which Lamp Styles Can I Choose from?

When it comes to lamp styles, options are plentiful. In fact, it is safe to say that regardless of the purpose or purposes you need your floor lamp to serve, you will have no difficulties finding exactly what you need.

Common styles include task lamps, console lamps, tripod lamps, tree lamps, arc lamps, and rod lamps. Which one you will choose depends on the desired functionality, room aesthetics, and the mood you want to accent.