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Luxury Wall Mirrors

The right mirror can transform any room into a magnificent space reflecting style, sensibility, and taste, transcending its original purpose of being a mere source of reflection. When placed strategically, a wall mirror adds more light to the room and creates the illusion of space, making the room look larger. Nowadays, wall mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so that everyone can find a perfect fit aligned with their particular taste.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Design Wall Mirror

How to choose the right wall mirror? First of all, decorative mirror surfaces can be made of glass, Plexiglass and acryl. Each of these varieties adds to the mirror’s overall design. Glass mirrors are heavier than the latter two, and also more difficult to break. That’s what makes them a popular choice for many people.

However, keep in mind that Plexiglass and acryl mirrors may show distorted reflections, so they are the best choice if you’re looking for a sustainable solution to brighten the room.

Finally, there is also the shape, size, and your budget to consider. Large glass mirrors can be expensive, so plan your funds ahead. Mirrors are an investment for the future - people don’t replace them every year. That is to say, it is always a better idea to leave some money aside until you have sufficient funds to buy just the mirror of your choice than to buy a cheaper model and regret it later.

Where Should Decorative Mirrors Be Placed?

If your primary aim is to make the room look bigger and brighter, you may consider installing multiple mirrors. It’s an old trick for small rooms and bathrooms, which sometimes feature ceiling mirrors for the optimal optical illusion.

Here are some tips on choosing the best placement for your wall mirror(s):

1) Choose the optimum placement to make the room appear bigger and brighter

You can simply place a mirror on the wall where there it is to serve its ultimate purpose or you can maximize the effects by going for an alcove mirror, for example. These offer twice the intensity of light compared to a single mirror. Another trick is to add a mirrored finish to furniture (wardrobes are quite suitable for this purpose) to make the room look more spacious.

2) Take Your Time Deciding on Proper Reflection

A large mirror, proper placement, and framing to complement the design are the three factors not to be overlooked. Mirrors can be hung from the walls or placed on a mantelpiece, depending on the goal.

3) Customize Your Mirror

If you’re looking for a perfect glass mirror, note that there are different types of glass. A plain glass mirror is what everyone’s familiar with, you can create a vintage vibe with antiqued glass.

Why Are Mirrors So Expensive?

The answer to this question, as ever, lies in the fact that materials are expensive, and we don’t mean only glass. There’s the framing to consider, too. The larger the mirror, the more expensive it will be. Lastly, mirrors can last their owners for a lifetime, so it is only natural that their price is higher than that of replaceable objects.

Where Can I Buy Decorative Mirrors?

The best choice would be to look at our offer online and pick your favorites. You can also come and visit us in our local store to see them in person, as images don’t quite do justice to the truth.

What Is An Accent Mirror?

The so-called “accent mirror” is a decorative mirror that is used to create a focal point in a room. They are used in interior design, to accentuate the space - hence the term. Mirrors can be place anywhere; some people use them to cover an empty wall while others pair it with artwork. Combinations are limited only by imagination, so choosing the right mirror is essential.

How Do You Hang A Kirkland Mirror?

There are multiple ways to hang a wall mirror, depending on the type of the wall. The majority of mirrors can be installed by using metal cleats, which are attached with the screws that come in the package. Pay attention when aligning the mirror; it’s best to do it with someone who can point you to the proper placing.