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Discover vibrant, colorful, and timeless design styles at Room Tonic, from Chinoiserie Chic and Vintage Eclectic, to Palm Beach and Hollywood Regency.

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Chinoiserie Chic

Chinoiserie started in the mid-to-late 17th century and became popular in Europe as part of the French Rocco movement. Chinoiserie is the Western Europe's representation of Chinese and East Asian cultures, as Europeans interpret them. 

This style of design is characterized by its Romanticism and theatrical perceptions of life in the Far East. Chinoiserie is often identified by extravagant decor, Chinese motifs and Chinese lifestyle.

Palm Beach Regency

Palm Beach style of design is characterized by a few distinct themes, vibrant colors, whimsical patterns, and a penchant for bamboo, rattan, and wicker furnishings.

This style embraces all facets of coastal beaches, plants, and sea life, albeit with a tropical flair.  Motifs include seashells and palms; open fretwork and caning weaves;  Greek keys and aviary giclées.  Palm Beach Chic even includes elements of chinoiserie such as pagoda lanterns and mirrors, blue and white ginger jars and vases, porcelain garden stools, and even brightly colored faux bamboo chandeliers.

Hollywood Regency

Born from the Glitz and Glamour of Hollywood's Golden Age in the 1930's, this style is meant to feel frivolously overdone and extravagantly unbalanced, yet sleek and modern. Furniture is never the focal point of this design style.  Regency is all about entertaining and open floor plans designed to encourage social interaction.

Animal prints, faux bamboo, lacquered surfaces, and accents made of glass, gold, and chrome finishes, create both unapologetic opulence and cozy furnishings that lend themselves to cocktails in caftans or lounging in one's housecoat or smoking jacket.

Vintage Eclectic

Vintage Eclectic is a style design often associated with people in the arts. Eclecticism is the practice of deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. Therefore, Vintage Eclectic is an approach that fuses various pieces from different styles and eras to create an interior that expresses uniqueness of the individual. 

It blends all sorts of vibrant colors, large scale patterns, and furnishings made with organic material.  Rattan and wicker furniture is a staple of this design style.  If it's antique or vintage, even better.  Surrounding these natural material furnishings, you'll find oriental rugs, vintage light fixtures, animal print, and colorful throw pillows.