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High End Wall Sconces

Wall sconces serve many purposes, complementing space functionality, atmosphere, and overall design. They come in various styles, shapes, and sizes as to be able to fulfill all of these and serve a double purpose: providing light and enriching the space.

What are High End Wall Sconces?

Simply put, these are light sources mounted on the walls. Sometimes referred to as “wall light,” wall sconces are a hybrid of lamps and art pieces. More often than not, they accent light rather than being the main source of light, unless they’re used for reading in the bed.

What makes Wall Sconces Unique?

As mentioned above, wall sconces are art pieces of a sort, making them the single most important source of light fulfilling multiple purposes. When complemented with ceiling lights, they provide solid supplemental illumination, creating an atmospheric effect.

Wall sconces alleviate glare common with other light sources, which makes them ideal for creating a warm atmosphere and also sufficient sources of light for reading.

How to Choose the Right Wall Sconces for Your Home?

Some wall sconces are lamp hybrids. A good example is a wall-mounted swing arm light that can fulfill multiple purposes, similarly to traditional swing arm desk lamps. If the room has niches and alcoves, use wall sconces to accentuate the architecture.

Wall sconces can also be used outside and are commonly installed along exterior walls to provide additional safety (rather than light).

How Many Wall Sconces Do I Need?

This depends on the effect you want to achieve. Wall sconces usually hang at the eye level if the ceiling isn’t too high. The size of the fixture is important when deciding on the number of sconces, as is the amount of lighting you want to achieve.

Next on, mind the type of the wall sconce. You should not come eye-to-eye with an exposed light bulb, so different rules apply for indoor wallchieresandswing arm wall sconces, for example. When used in hallways (which is the most common usage), wall sconces are best installed every 8 to 10 feet.

Finally, mind the protrusion of the fixture. ADA compliant fixtures are usually the best choice: 80 inches above the ground. If the fixture is less than 80 inches above the floor, it can’t extend more than four inches out from the wall. Basically, people should be able to pass through without encumbrance.

Types of Wall Sconces

Like all lamps, wall sconces come in a wide variety of shapes, offering added functionality depending on their intended use. Common types of wall sconces include:

Up light wall sconces

Up light wall sconces are ideal for illuminating large spaces. These sconces direct the light upward, towards the ceiling, making the space appear larger. They are a good choice for small rooms, spaces in need of bright light, and spaces that don’t have much natural light.

Down light wall sconces

These sconces direct the light downward, towards the floor. Down light wall sconces are optimal for creating warm atmosphere, especially in large rooms. Note that these sconces aren’t the optimal choice for producing high levels of light. Their purpose is more decorative.  

Up/down wall sconces

A combination of the previous two, up/down sconces are perfect for producing both high and low levels of light and are perfect for spaces that serve multiple purposes. This is one of the most popular designs, seeing as it can be used in a variety of settings and for multiple occasions.  

Swing arm wall sconces

Swing arm wall sconces attack to the wall, but can be adjusted as needed. The fixture can be moved in all directions, meaning they can be adjusted for any occasion. The main benefit of this type of wall sconces is that they can be folded back towards the wall when unneeded.

Needless to say, these wall sconces are perfect for smaller homes and are commonly installed above bedroom nightstands.   

Candle wall sconces

Candle wall sconces add a touch of atmosphere to spaces with complementary design. They remain loyal to the original wall sconces used centuries ago, with the only difference being that they don’t use open flame.

Candle wall sconces come in various designs so that they can fit just any room. It’s typical for this design to offer different types of bulbs even more than other wall sconce types.

As a rule, candle wall sconces emit smaller amounts of light than other types of sconces making them ideal for creating rustic atmosphere.

Lantern Wall Sconces

Another atmospheric choice is a lantern wall sconce. These resemble the hand-held lanterns of old and are commonly installed outdoors due to their durability. They can be installed individually or in groups and depending on the choice, they can be either the primary- or complementary source of light.


Wallchieresare similar tofloor lamps. They are perfect for creating soft shadows and direct light towards the ceiling, making them perfect for bedrooms, for example.  

As is the case with all other types of wall sconces, wallchieres come in a wide array of styles and designs and can be installed nearly everywhere. They’re commonly installed indoors, as they can provide full illumination to a room.

Popular High End Wall Sconces

Some of the trending models include DelightFULL Coltrane Wall Lamp, Jonathan Adler Lisbon Sconce, Liang & Eimil Onyx Wall Lamp, Castro Lighting Triumph Brass Wall Light, AERIN Polished Nickel Iveala Sconce, Contardi Mikado Double Wall Sconce, CTO Lighting Artés Brass Wall Light and Artés Bronze Wall Light, and Eichholtz Bartoli Wall Lamp.

When choosing the best option, don’t forget to take room design into account.

Wall Sconces: Care and Maintenance

Wall sconces need to be cleaned when the crystal appears blurry and when the frame is dusty. The more complex the wall sconce is, the more careful you need to be. Wall sconces rarely need to be unassembled, unlike chandeliers, so you don’t need to worry about getting all parts installed right.

Wall sconces are cleaned in the same way as lamps, meaning you’ll need just the basic supplies: a clean cloth, water, and gloves. Only if the wall sconce features crystal parts need you prepare a solution of one part isopropyl alcohol to four parts distilled water (either spray it or apply directly to a cloth). Remember to use a dry cloth afterwards.


As is the case with all sources of light, wall sconces come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and designs, so that everyone should be able to find a perfect fit. When choosing your next wall sconce, keep in mind the purpose and room design. The rest is up to your imagination.