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Statement Chandeliers

Shop Room Tonic for the finest quality home furnishings including designer chandeliers that will add warmth and atmosphere to any room in your home. Room Tonic's curated collection of statement piece chandeliers and hanging lights are made by top quality brands such as Chelsea House and Wildwood. Made in a variety of fine finishes such as gold leaf, polished nickel, and antiqued brass, these hanging statement pieces will add a pop of style that will compliment any room, high ceiling, or luxury suite. Browse our collection below and enjoy free shipping on most items.

What Characterizes a Jaw-Dropping Statement Chandelier?

The answer to this question lies in your taste. For some people, simplicity does the trick. For others, the more flamboyant the chandelier, the better. Leaving style aside, you should first consider the size, light output direction, and dimming options.

You don’t want your chandelier to be either too large or too small. It should fit optimally into the space. Consider the size of the ceiling to begin with. Too large a chandelier on a low ceiling won’t give off the dramatic effect it otherwise can.

What Size Should My Chandelier Lighting Be?

Chandeliers are generally sized by diameter and height, but the bulbs can also impact the size. The average dining room chandelier features 4 to 6 bulbs and is 26" to 30" in size.

The easiest way to pick the right size is to measure the length and width of the room, add the numbers together and use the sum for the diameter of the chandelier.

Next on, think about the proper light output direction. If you’re planning to hang the chandelier in the dining room, you don’t want the light to glare at you. On top of the light direction, you may also want to consider whether the bulbs are exposed and whether the chandelier has a dimmer.

Which Chandelier Designs Are There?

There are various chandelier designs available. As mentioned above, there is literally the right pick for everyone, so don’t be hasty when choosing your chandelier. Some common designs include:

  • candle-style chandeliers
  • shaded chandeliers
  • traditional chandeliers
  • transitional chandeliers
  • lantern chandeliers
  • tiered chandeliers
  • rustic chandeliers
  • mid-century modern chandeliers
  • farmhouse chandeliers
  • industrial chandeliers

Once you have an idea which design will suit your room best, it’s time to choose a proper chandelier shape. Some common shapes include rectangular, round, cluster, sputnik, drum, beaded, caged and globe.

Which Chandelier Styles Are There?

Again, the offer is huge - from traditional to glam to rustic to coastal, there is a choice for everyone. If you’re looking for a modern chandelier, focus on the material. As a rule, a chandelier with a chrome- or a satin nickel finish looks more modern than those with a bronze finish.

Can I Buy a LED Chandelier?

LED chandeliers are also available. LED technology has improved so much over time that sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between traditional- and LED bulbs. In other words, you can pick from a number of different shades even when buying a LED chandelier.

In addition, many LED chandeliers come with dimmers, but not all. If you’re looking for a dimmable LED chandelier, make sure to inquire beforehand.