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High-End Table Lamps

Shop Room Tonic for the finest quality home furnishings including high-end table lamps that will add warmth and atmosphere to any room in your home. Room Tonic's curated collection of high-end table lamps are made by top quality brands such as Avala, Wildwood, and Chelsea House in a variety of fine finishes such as gold leaf, polished nickel, antiqued brass, and much more. Browse our collection of designer floor lamps and enjoy free shipping on most items.

Why choose a table lamp?

Not all lighting is made equal, and it’s widely understood that a scheme of general lighting and nothing else is not only inadequate but also far too harsh. A layered lighting scheme – using a variety of light sources – is the best way to light a home where lighting must be sufficient for needs but not glaring. Because of this, table lamps are an absolute essential element of any well-lit space.

And thankfully, it’s not all about function – table lamps double dose of effectiveness comes in the form of style as well. These moveable luminaires are as important to a space as any other tabletop accessories.

What to look for in a table lamp?

Table Lamp Materials

Table lamps come in a variety of materials from the more traditional (ceramic and glass) to contemporary (metal and acrylic). Wood, alabaster, selenite and faux shagreen are also becoming increasingly popular.

Table Lamp Styles

No matter your aesthetic, there are many table lamp styles to light the surfaces of your space. A beautiful crystal, pretty porcelain or bold brass table lamp will evoke a classic traditional mood, while a metallic, glass, or concrete table lamp will set a sleeker modern tone. Coastal and nautical lamps and materials like driftwood and pearl shells can bring a relaxed resort feel. Celebrate the beauty of rustic lamps as they are fashioned from wood, rock crystals, and branches. One large table lamp will fill empty table space with personality instead of several smaller accessories to accomplish the same task. Mini accent lamps can highlight a dark corner on shelves or bring light and color high on top of a chest. Desk lamps can provide necessary task lighting for your office workspace, so you have the light you need to stay focused. 

Table Lamp Shades

When it comes to shades, the most common contemporary shapes are drum, empire and rectangle; traditional shapes include box pleat, bell and pagoda. The most common shade materials are paper, silk and linen. A colored or metallic inner is often used to influence the warmth of the light emitted. This is important if you are looking to counteract the natural light of your room with artificial lighting.

Where to place a table lamp?

Table lamps are one of the most widely used lighting options because they can be used in just about every room. Our top three spots for a table lamp are:

In the hallway

A console table is a hallway staple, and a luxury table lamp makes the perfect partner. Not only do they provide light for those moments when you really need them – we’ve all had the experience of lost keys – they add interest to an often-unsung space.

On a side table

Lighting schemes are often rounded off by a layer of lighting around eye level so a table lamp on a side table is a great option, particularly in a living room or sitting area. They offer a flattering pool of light which counteracts unflattering shadows from general lighting and often act as the invisible boundaries of an intimate seating area.

On a bedside table

When is subtle lighting more needed than at bedtime? A carefully chosen bedside table lamp will create a calming, romantic mood. Bedside table lamps shouldn’t feel overwhelming though so, unless your furniture is really on the grand scale, choose a smaller design than one you would choose for a living room or hallway.

These are just three classic spots but, when placing table lamps, think about where your home needs that little bit extra light. These transportable designs can be used in a variety of settings.

Features to Consider When Buying a Luxury Table Lamp

A good rule of thumb when buying a table lamp for an end table is that the combined height of both the lamp and table should not be more or less than 58 to 64 inches high.

Most Popular Luxury Table Lamp Designers 

Room tonic offers a wide range of stylish table lamps from Chelsea House, Bungalow Five, Wildwood and Red Egg just to name a few. 

Finally, choose the style lamp using the type of bulb that suits you best. The rest is matter of design and personal choice.