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High-End Table Lamps

Remember the times when lamps were just a bulb with a switch? These are long past. The finest of table lamps are so much more than just a source of light nowadays. With so many custom options available, they can be a work of art. Depending on your needs and your wallet, you can find a truly wide range of all kind of high end lamps in our onlineshop. That’s why you should take your time comparing designs and choosing the lamp most to your liking that fits your taste.

What Is The Best Table Lamp?

The best table lamp is the one that suits your needs - it really is that simple. Do you need it for work? Or homework? To brighten the room? To enrich the interior? For reading? Choose the lamp model depending on your answer to these questions.

When choosing the best lamp for your room, consider the room design and lamp functionality. Even though a stunning lamp complementing the room may seem like the best choice, if it’s dysfunctional, you’re doing it wrong.

Are Stiffel Lamps Still Made?

After the the Supreme Court ruling that the Stiffel patent and the lamp design was in the public domain in 1964, the company stayed in business until 2000. After that, it closed its factory due to financial issues. The Stiffel Lamp Company was afterwards acquired by The Salton Lamp Company. So far, it has reintroduced the signature Stiffel Pole Lamp.

Where Can I Buy Unique Lamps?

With the rise of the internet, online shopping has proven to ease access to all kinds of merchandise to a wider audience. That is to say, you can easily buy unique lamps online with us and get it delivered right to your door. Still, if you want to touch, smell and hold your elegant table lamp in your hand, feel free visit us in our local store!

What Kind Of Lamps Are In Style?

Again, the answer to this question depends on personal preferences and “style” may imply different things to different people. Still, going by the usual standards, the most popular in-style lamps include:

  • Buffet Lamps
  • Arc Lamps
  • Boom Arm Lamps
  • Gooseneck Lamps
  • Swing Arm Lamps
  • Piano Lamps

All of those come in a wide variety, so you can customize your choice freely and with ease.

Which Lamps Give Off Most Light?

Obviously, floor lamps give off most light. Table lamps are meant to assist with reading and similar activities and are not designed to lighten up the entire room. LED lamps are a good choice as they are energy efficient and provide sufficient light for most activities.

Keep in mind that the shorter the lamp, the more direct light it provides. That’s why swing arm lamps and gooseneck lamps are a good choice, as you can set them in different positions depending on the task you need done.

You should also pay attention to switch types and shade types when choosing a table lamp (or any other lamp, for that matter). There are numerous choices when it comes to shade types, with the most common ones being:

  • Empire shade – light spreads downwards through the cone-shape brim
  • Bowl – light spreads downwards through the basin-shaped brim. These lamps are a variant of the empire shade
  • Square – lamps with sides of equal size
  • Bell – traditional décor with light spreading sideways at the bottom of the lamp’s curved sides
  • Drum – light spreads upwards through the cylindrical shape with tall sides and wide rims
  • Rectangular – these lamps have two sides that are longer than the others


You can now order the lamp you’re after with a single click. Since the lamp will come to you instead the other way around, the only things that you should consider are room design, lamp functionality, type of bulb and switch, and shading. The only problem you can encounter is – the choice being too rich. Take your time picking the finest of the fine lamps available!