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Formerly based in Manhattan, Susan Bott's designs have been featured on HGTV, The New York Times, and Food Network’s American Diner Revival with Ty Pennington. 

In-Home Consultation Services for Styling & Decor

Most important in any design or decor effort is understanding and knowing how to apply the rules of scale, proportion, contrast, balance, symmetry, pattern, texture, and focal points. Our clients work with us because we help them understand the fundamentals of these talents and disciplines.

We provide assistance with selection of

  • Artwork, accents and accessories
  • Color consultation (paint, fabric, color palette)
  • Custom design and procurement of furniture, flooring, area rugs
  • Furniture placement and room layout
  • Kitchen and bath design
  • Lighting design
  • Seasonal and celebration design
  • Style blending (for couples with different styles)
  • Textile design and procurement
  • Upholstery projects
  • Wall treatments, wallpaper and window treatments

We save you time. 

  • No more guessing what will work with your current layout and furniture.
  • No more costly trial and error mistakes.
  • No more hunting through hundreds of fabric and paint swatches.
  • No more wandering through retail stores wondering what might and might not work for your living space.

We save you money.

  • We guide you to the best values and keep you on budget.
  • We have designer discounts at major retail stores that we pass on to our clients.
  • We advise you on when not to spend and when to consider an investment.

There are several design packages to choose from that meet a wide range of client needs and varying budgets. 

Let us help you accelerate your design and decor efforts.  We will help you consider what current trends to try and which ones to avoid.

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