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SimuLinen - Colored Disposable Dinner Napkins – Light Pink



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    • SimuLinen colored disposable dinner napkins – decorative, linen-feel, elegant & cloth-like – light pink - absorbent & durable - weddings, parties, and holidays! – Perfect size: 16"x16" box of 50. Your search for the perfect dinner napkin is over! There's no question as to how difficult it can be to find the perfect napkins for your important life events. We are all looking for napkins that are elegant and high quality, yet thick and absorbent enough to clean our mouths and hands, whether eating filet mignon or messy dinners like bbq. It shouldn't be too much to ask for elegance and toughness. You've finally found the perfect napkin! Much more eco-friendly than washing and drying cloth napkins, or using multiple 2-ply napkins. These are the go-to napkins you'll use for any meal whether you are having a dinner party, a few good friends over, or just a family dinner at home.