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Magnifique Hearts - Satya Jasmine Blossom Incense Sticks Fragrant Reverie (15gm)


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    • Overview: 'Ethereal Bloom,' our Satya Jasmine Blossom Incense Sticks, are a symphony of scent for boutique spaces of tranquility and mindfulness. They're the perfect companion for sessions of yoga, meditation, and energy healing. 15 gram box Features: 🌼 Intoxicating Jasmine: Aroma that calms and captivates, setting a serene mood. ✨ Artisanal Quality: Each stick is hand-rolled, infusing spaces with pure floral notes. 🕐 Consistent Essence: Designed for prolonged burn, enveloping spaces in jasmine's embrace. Why 'Jasmine Blossom'? 🏵️ Ambiance Enhancer: Ideal for creating an immersive, peaceful environment. 🍃 Green Crafting: Made with eco-friendly ingredients, it promises a clean experience. 🎁 Unique Appeal: Adds a signature scent to your exclusive collection, delighting the senses. 'Jasmine Blossom' incense sticks invite a journey into sensory bliss, a must-have for discerning boutiques.