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7-8" Long Selenite Wand Crystal Cleanser Reiki Chakra Meditation



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    • Selenite is the crystalline form of Gypsum. It is a hydrous calcium sulfate CaSO42H2O. It has a hardness of two and can be easily scratched with a fingernail. Gypsum is the main ingredient in plaster and drywall and is the most common of all the sulfate minerals.

      Selenite, named after the Greek Moon Goddess Selene, is a clear, white, or colored crystal that forms naturally in long blade-like shapes. It is feminine and receptive, and is associated with the Moon and the element of Water. Selenite helps to unblock stagnant energy, instilling a deep peace. It assists in bringing mental clarity and angelic guidance. Selenite, like a sharp sword, helps cut through unconscious assumptions about ourselves and our surroundings. Selenite can be used to "grid" a room to create a safe, tranquil, and quiet area. Selenite stabilizes emotions, clears confusion, and encourages insight into the root of problems.

      Selenite wands are widely used for activating a crystalline grid.  Selenite carries a beautiful, but neutral, "white light" vibration.  It channels light energy through its fiber optic-like structure quite well.

      These are hand split wands and are left in a rough, natural state.  Some shedding of fibers from the sides is normal.  The photo is a stock photo.  The size and shape will vary.