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16th/17th C. Wanli Period Chinese Export Kraak Blue & White 'Deer' Plate, 8.25" DIA


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    • 16th/17th C. Wanli Period Chinese Export Kraak Blue & White 'Deer' Plate, 8.25" DIA

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      16th/17th C. Wanli Period Chinese Export Kraak Blue & White 'Deer' Plate, 8.25" DIA

      Lot 208 - Wanli Period c. 1575-1620, Ming Dynasty. Painted to the center with a pair of deer beneath a fruit tree in a landscape scene , the cavetto decorated with panels enclosing floral sprays.
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      Image Gallery


      Video Gallery

      Exhibit A - Video of Item in Studio Lighting
      Lot 208 - Kraak Plate


      Private estate of an Asian art collector in Fairfield, CT who also possessed dozens of items from the J.P. Morgan Collection. We will be selling some of those pieces as well in the coming weeks ahead.

      Bubble Signatures
      In Tony Allen's book, "Allen's Authentication of Later Chinese Porcelain (1796 - 1999AD)", one of the unmistakable ways to determine fakes from authentic mark and period porcelains, is by looking closely at the bubble signatures in the glaze. These small bubbles can be seen with a loupe and they are present in authentic antique ceramics as well as modern fakes, albeit with a few key differences. 

      Modern fakes have a bubble signature that appears more like fine granulated salt or what Tony describes as a very fine 'icing sugar'. Depending on the magnification, the bubbles might not even be visible through the loupe. Modern bubble signatures are extremely small, dense, and show no variation in bubble size. This is because modern fakes are all fired in electric kilns that distribute heat evenly throughout the kiln, and with exact and consistent temperature control throughout the firing. 

      Authentic antique glazed ceramics, both porcelain and pottery have bubble signatures that are quite the opposite of modern fakes. These signatures have 'countable bubbles' that can be easily seen through a loupe of at least 10x magnification. The bubbles vary in size, and density. This is due to the nature of the kilns where they were fired. Wood fired kilns have variations in temperature throughout the kiln and due to the absence of electronic controls, temperatures would invariably fluctuate throughout the firing. Uneven distribution of heat throughout the kiln is what causes the variations in size and density of the glaze bubbles. The two methods of firing have distinct and unmistakable outcomes for bubble signatures in the glaze. The one thing that modern copies cannot fake, is the physics of the firing process.

      Exhibit B - Examples of Bubble Signatures in Tony Allen's Book
      Tony Allen's Book Published in 2013
      'Countable Bubbles', p. 55
      'Countable Bubbles', p. 95
      'Icing Sugar Bubbles' (Modern Fake), p. 96
      In efforts to document glaze bubble signatures in Chinese ceramics, Room Tonic will be including glaze bubble signatures of porcelains and pottery where glaze is present and where it is useful and practical to do so. 

      The size of the bubbles compared to Lots 206 and 207 suggests that this plate could be considerably older than the Wanli period.

      Exhibit C - Glaze Bubble Signature of Item
      Lot 208-A
      Lot 208-B
      Lot 208-C
      Lot 208-D
      For reference purposes, we have included microscopic glaze bubble images of one of the world's most iconic blue and white porcelain vessels, Augustus the Strong's "Dragoneer" Vase on display at the Peabody Essex Museum of Salem, Massachusetts. The microscopic images below show us all what a bubble signature looks like on Chinese porcelains circa 1710.

      Exhibit D - Bubble Signature Example of Augustus the Strong's Soldier Vase
      Museum Placard 
      Front View of Covered Vase
      Diagonal View of Covered Vase
      Profile View with Area of Focus
      Area of Focus Zoomed into the Dragon's Eye
      Bubble Signature of the Dragon's Eye
      Close-Up of Bubble Signature
      Zoomed Out View of Bubble Signature
      Augustus the Strong's Soldier Vase
      The term 'soldier vase' stems from an unusual diplomatic exchange between Augustus the Strong of Saxony and Frederick the Great of Prussia in 1717. Augustus traded 600 cavalrymen, known as dragoons, for a collection of 150 Chinese porcelain vases. Many of which were massive in size exceeding three feet in height. Since that time, large scale porcelain vases have come to be known as soldier vases or sometimes, dragoon vases.

      In his article, Augustus The Strong "Dragoneer" Vase, Asian art ceramics expert and founder of, Jan-Erik Nilsson states, "...that in the history of Chinese porcelain there is only a few pieces that are so famous that they have got individual names." As one example, he identifies the "David Vases" at the Percival David Foundation in London. By any measure, these vases are probably the most famous and well-known around the world. He goes on to say that, "…the only other pieces I can think of is the "Dragoneer-vases" of Augustus the Strong of Sachsony (Saxony)".  

      Condition Report

      Excellent condition with no hairlines, chips, or repairs. The dish has minor fritting, kiln grit, and other small firing flaws to be expected of a plate from this time period.

      Exhibit E - Supplemental Photos
      Front of Plate in UV light
      Back of Plate in UV light

      Exhibit F - Video Clips of Item in UV Light

      Lot 208 - Kraak Plate in UV Light
      For comparison purposes, we've included photo images below of a Canton plate with defects under UV light with the same exposure as taken with the images above. The Canton plate is not included as part of this auction sale listing.

      Exhibit G - Canton Plate with Defects in UV Light for Comparison Purposes Only
      Front of Canton Plate
      Back of Canton Plate
      Hairline and Firing Crack
      Rim Chips and Interior Foot Repair

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