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Persian Qajar Tray Depicting the Battle Between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman



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    • This Ghalamzani tray depicts the Zoroastrian mythical battle of Ahura Mazda (also known as Ormuzd, Ormazd) and Ahriman. That battle can be seen in base reliefs located at Persepolis and throughout the middle east.

      The charger is 15.5" in diameter and it comes with its current wall plate hanger pictured here.  

      Originally, Ahriman was the Persian god Angra Mainyu, a destructive spirit whose twin brother, Spenta Mainyu, was a benevolent spirit. Humans and gods alike had to choose which spirit to serve. As the Zoroastrian religion developed, Angra Mainyu became Ahriman, and Spenta Mainyu turned into Ahura Mazda, the "Wise Lord." The history of the world was seen as a struggle between these two forces. Ahura Mazda had the backing of the yazatas (angels) depicted here on this charger.  They are the winged figures holding staves as they watch over Ormuzd. 

      Ahriman created a host of demons called daevas to spread his evil influence by appealing to the envy, greed, and desire for power of human beings.

      In the teachings of Zarathustra, it is believed that one of the ahuras, Ahura Mazda, was the supreme god, and chose to be good, while Ahriman chose to be evil. Therefore, the daevas that opposed the ahuras chose to be evil as well, and were commonly thought of as demons. All things in Zoroastrian have free will and choose whether they want to be good or evil.


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